No matter how you twist and turn! Rocky is a 4-in-1 furniture with long usability, as it adapts to the growth and needs of the active child. At first it is both, a cradle for baby and a rocking-chair for parents, combined into one. As the child grows the cradle can be rotated 180° and turns into a children‘s bed with a length of 140 cm. You can use the bedrail as a boundary for greater safety.



Lacquered birch plywood

Upholstering: 100 % Polyester


1550 x 1070 x 750 mm (assembled with bedrail)

Size of packagings:

Box A: 920x810x65 mm
Box B: 1520x880x65 mm
Box C: 705x605x315 mm
Box D: 1555x670x65 mm
Gross weight: 67 kg

Price for the complete set:

€ 1250,-

What is more:

From age 0+

Designed in Germany & made in EU

A mattress (size 70 x 140 cm) is not included!

You will need only one mattress (70 x 140 x 7-8 cm) for all stages!

But you can add our high quality cold foam mattress MOSS available in our webshop.


Rocky: What has it got that others do not?

It is flexible and adaptable. Rocky grows and changes with your child. And it does so without the need to store many extra/spare parts.
As Rocky will be a part of your child’s life for the next 7 years, your investment can be split over this time period. Therefore Rocky makes a lot of sense economically as well as ecologically.
Everybody who makes the decision to buy products which grow with the child and therefore face a much longer lifetime of the purchased product, will purchase far less goods all together. At the same time, this is an indirect way to reduce the amount of produced waste.

It looks good. As far as the color and design are concerned, Rocky convinces with simplicity and its clean and smart design.

It promotes closeness. The baby cradle (stage one of your use of your Rocky bed), allows the parents to swing with their baby. This promotes the bonding process by creating a special closeness between the baby and the parents as well holding the potential to be very helpful in lulling your baby to sleep.
Furthermore, Rocky offers comfortable seating for the mother who can thoroughly and comfortably enjoy breastfeeding her baby. This special bonding between the mother and her child is only improved by a balanced and relaxed atmosphere.

It is ergonomic. If you reach stage two of the use of your Rocky bed (basic bed with mesh sides), Rocky does not only think about the child and its wellbeing but also the parent’s. By raising the height of the lying surface in comparison to most other children beds, putting the child into bed and/or picking it up is much easier and therefore protects the carer’s back from sciatic pain syndrome and other related injuries.

Buy only one crib/bed for the first 5 years of your kids´ life!

Photos: Anne Deppe