A family home

A family home with many rooms and with big and little personalities with their own needs. Within this home we made a bespoke kitchen, bespoke furniture for the dressing room and two kids´ rooms.

Bo´s room
Bo´s room was in need of storage space for toys, books and clothes and a cosy place where he can sleep. That´s why he became a customized green shelf for all his stuff. In front of the new shelf wall we built a simple bed made of pine wood underneath the window. The wooden framing makes it even more cosy and the drawers in the bottom of the bed hide even more toys.


The kitchen
... is the central room as usual. It should be simple and pure but made of warm materials. It should also include hidden and open storage spaces for the lovingly arranged tableware and cookbooks of the family. The three units (one cookimg island and two units at the wall) keep the room together.

The dressing room
There was a need for lots of storage space hidden behind simple white walls. We used the whole height of the room to built as much storage space as possible.

Piet´s room
This almost square-shaped room gets a new focus with this new platform bed. It´s also made from pine wood to have a recurrent element within the family´s home. This bed is made for sleeping, watching outside, storing clothes and hide underneath the podest itself where we build a "cave" for Piet to hide. Of course without handles from outside - so the little brothers can´t come in.