Dripdrop is a 5 piece set of wonderful decorative pendants in the shape of drops. Elegantly and subtle, Dripdrop adorns the branches of your favourite bunch of flowers or floral branches and will also transform your pine tree into your very special Christmas tree.
The pendants are available in above mentioned colours with a lacquered front while the back is untreated, thus bringing untreated wood and nature into your home.



Constructed from birch plywood


pastell yellow, powder pink, baby blue, light grey and copper metallic


5 pieces á 60 x 100 mm


in a Set of five € 29,-  

What is more:

Sweat- and saliva resistant according to DIN V 53160-1/2, DIN EN 71/3 und DIN EN 71/9. Designed in Berlin and manufactured traditionally in the german Erz Mountains.

Photos: Anne Deppe